How to know if you have succeeded as a designer?

Being a designer is not always as glamorous as it sounds. However, being the creative people that designers are, they have not limited their success to the wealth they make out of their profession but have a variety of following markers to judge whether they are successful in their fields or not.

1) Recognition

Recognition by Saad Raja

It feels great when your illustrations, posters or campaigns are displayed in public, and your family, friends and even children know that it is your work. Surprise recognition feels best when you are not around and the ones you know, remark that they recognized your work displayed in public.

2) Happy clients

Happy clients by Saad Raja

There is no better feeling for a designer than watching your clients explode with excitement and happiness with what you created for them. Feedback, stories, and happy remarks fill a designer with the overwhelming feeling of success.

As a designer, it satisfies your pride when your clients come back to you after long time periods to let you know how your designs captured their visions perfectly, helped them secure their market positions and enhanced their business activities. Sometimes, this is a better marker for success than the money they pay us in return for our services.

3) Positive impact

Positive impact by Saad Raja

Success in the field of design is often judged by the impact that a particular work leaves on the audience. If your work has transformed the perception of the viewer and has positively impacted your client and their audience then you can undoubtedly call yourself a successful designer. Sometimes, if your designs inspire other designers in your field of profession, you could proudly use this benchmark to term yourself as a ‘successful’ designer.

So, if you are a designer you need not undermine your capabilities just because you don’t make enough money out of your job. Let your creativity keep on coming up with new markers on which you can judge yourself as ‘successful’ or not.

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