How to Ensure Survival as a Web Designer?

The supply of web designers has unimaginably increased and so has the competition in their market. This conflict between competition, demand, and supply has lowered the costs at which a company can now acquire web designing services. It has become crucial for designers to take immediate measures to ensure their survival in their profession and below is what they really need to do now!

1) Develop their unique identity

Uniqueness and distinction are two key approaches that every web designer must essentially adopt in their practices. The work from a template and the work you specifically create keeping in view the particular identity and personality on your client determines the engaging characteristic of your performance.

What each client has in mind is an abstract idea of what they want you to create for them which is most of the times based on already existing designs that they have seen of other businesses and competitors. In order to be a web designer that is not out-ruled in the industry due to overcrowding, you must ensure that you help your client develop their own recognition, values and missions by creating designs that are not replicated.

2) Let your designs narrate a story

As a designer who is paving his way to functional survival in the web industry, it is a prerequisite for you to create a story for your client out of your designing. The clients pile us up with the information, ideas, concepts, and missions they have in mind but what you really need to do is extract a meaningful sense out of the picture painted to you by your client. Giving their abstract concepts a concrete form by shrinking their bigger pictures into a presentable and simpler form is what we designers are really hired for. The narrative element that you extract out of your client’s story is what will assist you in providing a direction to your visual designs and their branding elements.

This narration is very crucial in the process of creation of your unique design as it will guide you in applying the styles, typography, color, layout, and texture of your site; all of which combine to add a meaning towards your client. This enhances the creativity that your client is seeking for in you since you are no longer dependent on replicated ideas or random shots into the air but are engaged in forming a unique core message for the client’s website.

These two practices will secure your existence as a web designer by molding your work approach from just development of websites to striving for the creation of a unique web existence for your client or organization.

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