How to conduct a UX review for web designers?

UX reviews are essential for designers to know where they are going wrong, what do they need to do to increase revenues, and how to create a better experience for their users. The primary aim of this review is to find problematic areas in your designs to be able to improve the website as a whole. When conducting a UX review for yourself, you need to consider the following stages to derive maximum benefit out of it:

1) Know your specific goals

Know your specific goals by Saad Raja

When planning your UX review, you need to inquire from yourself the reasons behind the review. If designers limit their metrics and study for particular objectives, they will be able to accurately locate what the problems with their designs are. This planning stage helps you in determining the issues, the reasons behind them, the solution to them, and the end result that you are seeking.

2) Finding the issues

Finding the issues by Saad Raja

After figuring out the goals for your review, you need to delve into looking for the issues. Behaving like a typical user, you can review your site and then spot problematic areas. It is best to record each one of them in a spreadsheet or any other organizing tool. After locating the issues, you need to rank each according to the level of severity, and then deal with them accordingly. Your rankings can range from an issue not being a usability problem at all to it being a catastrophe.

3) Searching for the best solutions

Searching for the best solutions by Saad Raja

This stage is the entire point of conducting the review as you search for solutions that will help you in getting rid of the identified issues. Common issues can easily be solved by consulting other websites and using your common sense as well. You can also take help from case studies and repetitively go for user testing once you come up with a potential solution. User testing will help you implement your possible solution, and gauge the results. You can test and re-test till you figure out the best solution for your problem.

Once you have figured out your solution and are working on improved user experience on your website, your objective for the review has been attained. Designers need to ensure that they make conducting these UX reviews their second nature and critically analyze them to solve real-world problems.

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