How to avoid 4 mistakes that every junior designer makes?

Getting a new job as a junior designer might be easy, and people tend to get excited after clearing their interview. You might be thinking about your successful career ahead of you but make sure you don’t commit the same errors every junior designer performs.

1) Hiding the mistakes you made

We all make a lot of mistakes, and most of the people try to hide them. As a junior designer, sometimes it becomes difficult to meet deadlines because of the workload and pressure. Careless mistakes do not look good to your clients and employers, but it is advisory that you do not hide them. There are chances that your seniors might like it or even appreciate it if you share your mistakes with them. If you hide them, it looks unprofessional and has an adverse impact on your reputation.

2) Being possessive

Companies who hire designers usually tend to let go of those people who are possessive about their work. New ideas and innovations are a part of the profession, but no one prefers to work with junior designers who always want to take ownership of their ideas and take pride in it. This is one of the main reasons why many new designers get fired after their first or second month of employment.

3) Tuning out

This is also a significant mistake that junior designers make after they are recruited. When a manager or a senior is addressing something important in front of everyone, and people are not listening or making notes, it becomes frustrating and looks rude as well. Even if the question that you want to ask might sound a bit too obvious, you should still go for it because it is always better than doing the task wrong or leaving it incomplete.

4) Over-sharing content

Junior designers tend to post a lot of material online, which is considered a common mistake. They should not be re-tweeting or posting stuff too much on the internet, or else it will make their company look bad. Furthermore, content-sharing rules should be kept in mind and designers should be aware of appropriate language usage.

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