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    4 great landing page designs

    A landing page can prove to be the building block of a website as it is the first thing that a visitor observes; therefore, it is of utmost importance to get it right. Acting as a Unique Selling Point (USP), a landing page decides the fortune of the products or items being sold or displayed […]

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    12 free great handwriting fonts for designers

    Handwriting fonts that look good are hard to find and come in various styles. They have fewer or no constraints and do not refer to just one manner of typography. The following handwriting fonts are being used for free:
    1) Over the Rainbow

    The designer that created this font said that it gives him a happy feeling […]

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    Tips on increasing consumer loyalty through UX

    A secure bond is established between a customer and a company after they communicate with each other and create a relationship based on trust and honesty. This level is reached only after both parties interact with each other, in person.

    However, the idea of physical interaction has been replaced due to technological advancement in today’s world. […]

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    Tools to help designers with image optimization

    For a website to work faster, proper image optimization plays a very significant role. There are different ways to optimize an image. For optimization, the image is compressed keeping the size and the quality of the picture as it is. There are a variety of tools and tips which help designers in image optimization. The […]

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    7 tips for UI design

    For a simple, good-looking and easy-to-use UI designing, these following tips should be taken into consideration by designers:
    1) Setting expectations

    A UI design should be telling users what will happen if they click a specific button. Clicking buttons might mean deleting any website, playing a song or spending money, etc. There are always some consequences for […]