8 Web design tools to improve your workflow 2018

Let’s take a look at the top capable web design tools to modify your results, so you get to contribute at a time and budget-friendly project with complete satisfaction.

1) Vivaldi

Vivaldi by Saad RajaA custom-built browser that brings with itself amazing features including a panel provided for taking down notes, mounting tab and web panels for quick access to your preferred sites at one time. This swift browser made for power users was developed using JavaScript, React, NodeJS and NPM Modules.

2) Canva


Suggested by the owner of Solve Web Media Lawrence Harmer, this quick, free app has been created to design graphics for the web by both makers and non-makers. According to Harmer, images act as a soul to one’s website as they allow immediate analysis to the user and this tool can be your ladder to success.

3) Site Stacks

Site Stacks

Site Stacks is here to provide a glimpse of tech tack once you type in URL of a website to the Chrome extension giving coverage of 40,000 items giving accurate results. The creators have promised to provide an easy way of acquiring data and security of your privacy.

4) ARKit

Available in iOS11, ARKit has been designed to provide iPad and iPhone users an AR experience added with a combination of knowledge and blending digital objects in the surroundings thereby creating an aura of enthusiasm in the web and app creators space.

5) Hologram


Functioning as a tool for WebVR production, the app enables you to play with lots of free 3D objects. Created for activation on Mac and Windows, the apps help download projects designed on Hologram and put them to work in their A-Frame workflows.

6) GitHub Notifier 

GitHub Notifier

This Chrome extension released in September was designed by Stacy Goh to allow being notified when issues are created or commented upon, pull requests formed, starring and forking of repositories, etc.

7) SVGito


This free app designed by Peter Nowell is for users who are looking for a way to tidy up their SVG files at the click of a button. Other tasks served include reducing SGV’s size and intricacy.

8) Sizzy


The Creator of Sizzy, Kristijan Ristovski designed this app to allow users to view numerous screens at one time while working on responsive web pages. After experiencing having to shift from one device to another, he created Sizzy to view all necessary changes and fixtures at one time.

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