6 tools to help you with illustrations in 2018

A year of new and interesting creations, 2017 brought forth some illustration tools to ease the difficulties of illustrators. However, it may get hard to find the one that suits your needs. Therefore, we decided to provide you a list of efficient illustrating tools that were a released in 2017 and help you improve your creative imagination.

1) Kyle’s Brushes

Kyles Brushes

Kyle T. Webster in partnership with Adobe created around 1,000 brushes that are available for people who have subscribed to Creative Cloud, that too for free. These brushes are accessible in the libraries panel under the Photoshop section.

A big fan of Kyle’s Brushes, Harry Sussams claimed that his work found a new dimension after being introduced to this illustrating tool.

2)  Wacom tablets

Wacom tablets

With their creativity, Wacom introduced the graphics tablets that allow the users to draw on the pad instead of looking up at different screens then carrying out the task on another. Light in weight, the Cintiq Pro is a handy portable device that can be conveniently moved like an actual page. Illustrators have expressed their love for Wacom at every step by appreciating their use of latest technology and effort to create an efficient product.

3) Affinity photo for iPad

Affinity photo for iPad by Saad Raja

An option that Photoshop is unable to provide, Affinity photo is an advanced version that acts as an equivalent for Apple’s tablet. This tool helps you not only edit photos but illustrate them as well along with being fully available on iPad with its latest version.

4) Corel Painter

Corel Painter

With the introduction of the latest feature that gives you the opportunity to replicate the exact feel of an actual painting on a canvas provided online, Corel Painter has set new bars. The user can easily create a masterpiece without any mess by scraping, pushing, pulling and applying the paint in layers with the stylus.

5) ArtRage 5

ArtRage 5

Joining the market with a completely refreshed outlook, ArtRage5 has introduced some new features that include a custom brush designer, painting tools, guides, perspective and a pencil tool. The editing effects enable the user to add drop shadows, liquefy or emboss effects in different layers.

6)  Moleskin smart writing set

Moleskin smart writing set

An interesting juxtaposition of paper and pixels, rather artists as well as illustrators, the latest edition of moleskin smart writing set combines the two like never experienced before. Featuring a moleskin sketchbook that operates in relation with a Pen+, the app works in a manner that digitizes any sketches or notes made on paper, which can further easily be shared with or edited by other.

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