5 tips to enhance the user experience on your website

When operating a business and looking to maximize your outputs, you should continuously engage in ensuring that your website’s user experience is top notch. When getting your website designed, you must emphasize on making it user-friendly. There are various ways in which designers can enhance the user experience from them which include:

1) Using white space

Using white space by Saad Raja

White space is a pre-requisite of good designing as it makes the user focus on the text making your content readable. It has been suggested that white space helps increase the attention of users by almost 20% as it makes the website appear more modern and fresh. However, as a designer, it might be challenging for you to maintain the balance between communicating valuable information and surrounding it with white space.

2) Increasing the page speed

Increasing the page speed by Saad Raja

Users across the globe find it very exasperating to wait for pages to load that take too long. Everyone is looking for fast access to content, and slow pages are interruptions in user experiences. Statistics suggest that a delay of 2 seconds in loading the web page reads to 87% abandonment rate. This is why designers must take precautionary measures to know the speed of the page and structure the page content in a way that important elements load first and keep the user engaged till the rest of the material appears.

3) Make good use of bullets

Make good use of bullets by Saad Raja

Bullet points help the user to quickly grasp whatever they were looking for which is why the use of bullets make a web page more attractive for the users. To enhance the UX of a site, a designer must make creative use of bullets to represent the points better.

4) Make wise use of images

Make wise use of images by Saad Raja

As a designer, you must avoid pasting familiar photos off the internet on your designed websites since the users are smart in judging them. Using actual images instead of stock images will increase the connection between the brand and their audience. However, designers must strategically use these images to support their text and make it more presentable for their readers.

5) Increasing the consistency of the website

Increasing the consistency of the website by Saad Raja

To provide an exceptional experience to the user visiting your web page, it is a must that everything on your site matches with each other. The size of the headings, font size, and font color, the choice of images, illustration and design elements, button styles, and spacing follows a coherent theme. If there is no consistency, the user might feel abruptly confused when navigating on the site.

So, any designer looking to enhance the user experience on their designed sites must be careful in looking out for these few helpful elements.

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