5 common typography mistakes that many designers make

Typography is an art itself, even if it looks pretty easy and straightforward. It has to achieve a lot without any applause and it is abused by web designers who do not know how to set type. There are a couple of common typography mistakes that designers make which include:

1) Too many weights and faces

Designers sometimes tend to use too many fonts and weights in their type, which makes it look ugly and abrupt. People new to this job often tend to forget that three or fewer fonts should be used in a type.

On the other hand, there are cases where you need more than three fonts. If you use a large number of faces, the reader will find it discomforting. In addition to that, using too many weights is always a bad decision but if you use the same font in a variety of weights, it might not be that bad after all.

2) Not setting reasonable line lengths

Not setting reasonable line lengths

Line-lengths are an important aspect in type if you are a web designer. The reader’s ease is a top priority, so line-lengths should not be excessively long. When reading something, the reader should not have a tough time finding the next line. A maximum of 75 characters per line is advisable to web designers, although in many cases it becomes impossible. However, designers should try to wrap up their content and if they cannot do that, they should at least try to restrict line-length.

3) Not enough leading/line-height

Not enough leading/line-height

Leading is also called line-spacing or line-height and is a very important aspect of typography. There is a common issue about not enough line-spacing between lines and designers tend to make this mistake again and again. If line-spacing is little, the text feels bunched up and difficult to read whereas too much line-spacing shows a disconnection between lines. For appropriate leading, there is no specific limit or rule, but one must judge it according to the legibility of the text.

4) Double spacing after a full-stop

Double spacing after a full-stop

This is also very common and usually not the mistake of the designer himself. Some web designers do this to increase the spacing between the full stop and the next letter of the new sentence. However, new word-processing software nowadays has made sure that this error is no longer a big issue.

5) Centering all the text

Centering all the text

Designers often center their text to create symmetry in their work and this is considered a common mistake. It becomes difficult to read when the text is long and it can also be discomforting. Try centering less and leaving the lines ragged.

So, the next time you want to try out typography, keep a lookout for these common errors to make your work look more professional!

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