5 Common Mistakes Many Designers Make

Being assigned your first design project can be a very intimidating job considering the pressure of doing well in your first task since you are surrounded by a professional atmosphere of creative heads and designers all around the world. However, if you make errors, you need not worry because almost all your senior designers have been there at one or the other point in their careers.

Here is a list of 5 common mistakes almost all designers have made even though they are avoidable!

1)  Failing to remember the target audience

What you need is to be careful of as a designer is whether the design that looks really appealing to you will sparkle a similar excitement in your readers or not? Often many powerful design concepts which might be exemplary to designers do not gather the same popularity from the audience, and this is precisely why designers need to focus on creating designs not to satisfy their creative needs only but from the perspective of strategy and content for the audience.

2) Pretending to know more than they really do

Sometimes, designers assume that they have learned everything. Where these designers go wrong is the lack of acceptance that learning is a slow and an on-going process that is needed for a sustainable career. If at any point in designing, you become lost as to what you are doing, you cannot apply common solutions to it. It is at that point when you need to bring out your creativity, and tackle your problems on your own. The key to avoiding this mistake is finding jobs based on how little you know about them.

3) Not checking everything properly

Many designers are careless when it comes to checking everything, and there is no better learning in this field than to make sure that you check and recheck everything properly. What you must practice is that you need to carefully check everything from spellchecks to artwork.

4) Failure to quit at the right time

You should never associate yourself with companies that assign you useless projects limiting the scope for your growth. Always make sure that you play to your strengths, quit a job that does not pay you what you are capable of and associate yourself with agencies that have competent projects for you.

5) Not being truthful

Sometimes designers make mistakes and are afraid to own up to them. This is exactly what should not be done. Every human being is capable of making mistakes so you should always have the courage to be truthful about it and just learn from the experience.

So, if you are striving for success as a designer, these mistakes are exactly what you need to keep a lookout for!

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