20 free cursive fonts available for designer use

Cursive fonts, also known as script fonts, do the job of representing handwriting and are relatively easy to create yourself. However, they are not that easy to find on the web because of the overload of free fonts. The following are the best chosen free cursive fonts for you:

1) Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley by Saad Raja

This font is beautiful and contains upper and lowercase characters, and is a lot of fun to use.

2) The Woodlands

The Woodlands by Saad Raja

This is a free alternative font and is loved by many designers because of its eye-catching text style.

3) Noelan

Noelan by Saad Raja

Noelan is created by Pixel Surplus and has a basic modern design for matching and mixing characters.

4) King Basil

King Basil by Saad Raja

This free cursive font is attractive and very popular in the world of fonts and is used for digital printing and projects.

5) Milkshake

Milkshake by Saad Raja

This bold and curvy font is used for backgrounds and headlines and is very famous as a free cursive font.

6) Lavanderia

Lavanderia by Saad Raja

Lavanderia comes in a variety of features, and its attractive look is commonly used for headings and headlines.

7) Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script by Saad Raja

This script font gives an industrial feeling and is designed by Fabien Despinoy.

8) Debby

Debby by Saad Raja

Debby has a natural look and is used commonly for salutation cards and wedding invitations.

9) BlackJack

BlackJack by Saad Raja

This has a classic look to it and is available only in black color, with a variety of uppercase and lowercase characters.

10) Allura

Allura by Saad Raja

This stylish cursive font is typically used for displays and invitations.

11) Dancing Script

Dancing Script by Saad Raja

This is an informal style of font that has a 50s theme, and the letters slightly keep changing.

12) Oleo Script

Oleo Script by Saad Raja

This font is a good option for displays and posters and is in two styles, i.e., bold and regular.

13) Honey Script

Honey Script by Saad Raja

This unique font is simple yet elegant and looks hand drawn with no extra touch to it.

14) Marketing Script

Marketing Script by Saad Raja

You might have seen this a lot because it is great for marketing purposes. It has a simple flow to it and comes in 3 different styles.

15) Pacifico Regular

This cursive font is used in advertisements because of it rough, bold look and is available in Google’s collection of web fonts.

16) Little Days

Little Days by Saad Raja

This font is created by West Wind Fonts and has a childish touch to it.

17) Aguafina Script Regular

Aguafina Script Regular by Saad Raja

This font has a clean set of lines and is used for headlines and posters.

18) Freebooter Script Regular

Freebooter Script Regular by Saad Raja

This font has a very classy look because of its swishes and is used for advertising and in books as well.

19) 5th Grade Cursive

5th Grade Cursive by Saad Raja

This is a fancy, retro looking font that is used in letters and posters.

20) Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel by Saad Raja

This font has a crafty, bold feeling that makes it unique and attractive.

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