12 free great handwriting fonts for designers

Handwriting fonts that look good are hard to find and come in various styles. They have fewer or no constraints and do not refer to just one manner of typography. The following handwriting fonts are being used for free:

1) Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow by Saad Raja

The designer that created this font said that it gives him a happy feeling when he used it. It is used for a good upbeat feel and is the best option to replace with dry, boring fonts.

2) Stay Writer

This handwriting font is carefully created to make the work look beautiful. It gives a smooth, pleasant display and is soothing to the eye.

3) SoulMarker

SoulMarker by Saad Raja

Created by Faraz Ahmad, this font is a little different and comes in 2 styles, i.e., bold and light. The main use of this font is for digital projects and is also used for printing.

4) Mightype

Mightype is a free handwriting font created by AF studio. If someone wants to use a font for branding or package designing, this font is the best choice.

5) Nawabiat

Syed Faraz Ahmad designed this font to be used for logos, banners, and posters, etc. It is unique and has its charming display.

6) Bellaboo

Bellaboo by Saad Raja

Bellaboo has a very bold look and is commonly used for projects that need a distinctive edge. It is attractive and is used for posters and logos.

7) Skinny

Skinny is one of the most popular online handwriting fonts and is used commercially all over the world for free. It is sleek and neat and recently got its latest update.

8) Halo Handletter

This free non-commercial handwriting font is fancy, elegant and attractive. It was crafted by the famous Mario Arturo, who has created many other fonts as well.

9) Yore

Yore is a very different kind of font and is used for branding projects. It has a traditional touch to it and is experimented on by experts.

10) L’Engineer

LEngineer by Saad Raja

Ferdie Balderas has created this handwriting font, which comes in italic and regular styles and also in three different languages, i.e., Spanish, French, and Polish.

11) Pops

Pops by Saad Raja

This handwriting font was created for headlines and messages by Sune Matras. It is beautiful and has its unique text style.

12) GoodDog

GoodDog by Saad Raja

GoodDog is a rough and fancy font and contains numbers, lower and uppercase letters as well as characters. It was designed by Fonthead Design and has been downloaded more than a million times.

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