10 free e-books available for designer use

The Internet has always been a place where you can find free content written and uploaded by experts all around the world. The demand for free E-books related to web designing is increasing, and their quality is no different than the books you would pay cash for. In this era of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, E-books are an extremely cheap way for people to benefit from. The following are some free e-books available on the internet for designers:

1) Practical Responsive Typography

Practical Responsive Typography by Saad Raja

Typography is an essential element when it comes to website designing. To impress the crowd, you have to communicate and cultivate uniquely and make sure the people understand what you are talking about. This book, written by Dario Calonaci, is the best way to learn about good typography techniques.

2) Brand House Book

Brand House Book by Saad Raja

Roger Lindeback, in his free e-book, tells you all about the world of branding and the stages related to it. He has linked branding with six stages of building a house and a summary at the end of each stage to clarify his idea further.

3) An introduction to Adobe Photoshop

An introduction to Adobe Photoshop by Saad-raja

For beginners who love photography, editing, using basic printing techniques and tools, this free e-book by Steve Bark will help you start easily with Adobe Photoshop.

4) The Freelancer’s Bible

If you are worried about how to use your unique selling point, how to market your business plans and manage relationships with your clients, this free e-book by Route One Print would be very useful.

5) The Future of product design

The Future of product design

This free e-book by Jonathan Follet is very informative and helpful for designers who want to know about how product life cycles are being affected by new technologies.

6) Everything there is to know about Logo Design

If you want to know how to design logos, choosing their colors and correct typography, this free e-book is right for you.

7) Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

This free handbook has grown from 108 pages to 214 pages and had all the information regarding pixel practices and Photoshop skills.

8) The Vignelli Canon

This free e-book is famous for conveying product design applications and graphic design and corporate designs.

9) Creative Suite Printing Guide

Creative Suite Printing Guide

This e-book provides accurate information if you want to get good quality printing from Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator, etc.

10) Breaking the Time Barrier

For designers, this free online book is helpful if you want to know about the worth of your work. It takes around two hours to read and is very informative.

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